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Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing


Kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing offered by The Painting Experts is a great way to refresh the look of your kitchen. Our experienced team can give your existing cabinets a new colour, a new finish, or completely refinish them with our detailed process.


We start by sanding down the surface, followed by filling in any nicks or scratches. Once that’s complete, we apply primer and paint in several coats to ensure proper coverage. Finally, we add a protective top coat for extra durability. With each step of the process, we pay extra attention to detail to make sure your cabinets look their best.

A kitchen cabinet repaint can completely change the feeling of your kitchen and living space. A new coat of paint can make your kitchen look more modern and inviting while giving it a fresh, updated feel. This mini renovation is much cheaper than a complete renovation but can still have a significant impact on how you feel about the space. It can also be an opportunity to incorporate some bold colours or exciting designs to draw the eye and add personality to the room. 


Ultimately, a kitchen cabinet repaint is a great way to breathe new life into your home without breaking the bank. At the Painting Experts, we will remove your cabinet doors and repaint them in our shop. Once they are complete, we will reinstall them and complete the finishing touches for your kitchen refresh.


  • When should I consider repainting my home's exterior?
    An exterior painting job may be necessary for several reasons. Over time, weather conditions can cause fading, peeling, and cracking of exterior paint. Exposure to strong sunlight and extreme temperatures can cause paint to break down, which leaves your home vulnerable to wood rot, mold, and mildew. Another sign that your home needs a fresh coat of paint is chalking, which happens when a powdery residue forms on the paint surface after it has been exposed to the elements. Therefore, a general rule of thumb is to repaint the exterior of your home every five to ten years, depending on the quality of the paint and the severity of the weather in your area.
  • How do I know if I need to repaint my interior walls?
    Unlike exterior paint, interior paint may not degrade as quickly, but there are still signs to look out for. If you notice visible wear and tear like scuffed or scratched walls, then it may be time for a repaint. Another reason to consider repainting your interior walls is if they are outdated or no longer match your current decor. In some cases, you may also want to change the colors of the walls to give your home a new look and feel. Additionally, trends change over time, and maintaining an updated interior is a great way to improve the value of your home.
  • What are the benefits of repainting my home's interior and exterior?
    Repainting your home's interior and exterior can significantly enhance your property's appeal, both inside and out. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look brand new, and it will add curb appeal as well. Additionally, it can also improve the overall ambiance of your place by creating a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, a good paint job provides added protection against damages caused by harsh weather conditions, while also deterring pests and increasing the value of your property.
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